Health Center (Notion Template)

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Think of all that tedious paperwork you must fill out when going to the doctor. What is your medication, doctor(s) information, emergency contact, pharmacy, etc.? Do you attempt to memorize all this information but then fail to recall any of it when needed? (Just me?) Or do you write it all down and then forget the crumpled piece of paper at home?

…Let’s face it, updating your basic health information and having it readily available when needed is a hassle. This can become a huge challenge and be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of information to keep track of. That is why I created the Health Center.

The Health Center is a Notion template that provides you with a way to organize all of your medical information in one place. The template is designed to give you easy access to your information from medications, doctor info, and appointments to emergency contacts and diagnosis/conditions. It also includes an interactive dashboard to have an overview look of your information with easy one-click access to add information.

What this template includes:

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Medicine/Prescription Database
  • Physician Information Database
  • Appointment Database/Calendar
  • Diagnosis Database
  • Area for Personal Notes
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Page With All Info Together
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Notion Health Center Template

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Health Center (Notion Template)

18 ratings
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